2012 Renault Megane Reviews

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The year 2012 of the Renault Megane is supposed to create the facilities facelifted to, same prices with the wider range of trim levels and drive versions.

The collection of body variants, engines, and equipment for the Renault Megane is as impressive extensive that not surprising if Renault called “Collection 2012″ the model age of its c-class model for the coming year. There are the five-door and the combination of Grand Tour in the trim levels “Authentique”, “Expression”, “Dynamique” and “Luxe” and the “GT”, as well as Special variants the “Tom Tom-” and the “Bose-Edition”. The engines are six gasoline engine from 74 kW / 100 HP to 132 kW / 180 HP and five diesel between 66 kW / 90 HP) and 118 kW / 160 HP to choose.

The initial gasoline engine in Renault Megane comes with a five speed manual switch 1.6 16V 100, otherwise six speed manual switch series standard are as well as the entry-level diesel dCi 90.. The 2.0 16 140 petrol engines there is with a stepless CVT, the diesel dCi 110 with a six speed dual clutch transmission (EDC). The prices vary with the gasoline units from 15 990 EUR EUR 26 750 for the GT at the diesel between 19 650 euros and 26 250 euros.

As the sporting highlight of the collection, Renault Megane offers also a three-door, a Coupe of the which there is also a Renault sport content. Only three versions are available in the Coupé (GT-line, GT and Renault sport) to choose. The gasoline engine making between 85 kW / 115 HP and 195 kW / 265 HP, diesel between 81 kW / 110 HP and 118 kW / 160 HP. The price range varies from 22 690 up to 27 090 euro for the GT and GT-line models, as well as 27 990 euro Coupé, Renault sport.

For the 2012 Renault Megane has the three energy cylinder that consume all considerably less than their predecessors. The energy works dCi 110 eco2 engine with 81 kW / 110 HP. The 1, 5 liter turbo-diesel takes (on average according to EU standard) in the five-door only 3.5 liter on 100 km, which corresponds to a carbon dioxide emission by 90 grams per kilometer. These are 21 percent less than for the dCi 110 eco2 engines which remain in the program. 22 Percent more fuel efficient than that previous 1, 9-litre engine works of the energy dCio 130 eco2 with 1.6 liter and 96 kW / 130 HP. Consumption is 4 liters on 100 km, the carbon dioxide emission at 104 grams.

Because of reduced consumption by 23 percent or Renault has 5.3 litres per 100 km called the energy TCe 115 eco2 gasoline direct-injection the most fuel-efficient gasoline engine in its class. From 1.2 liter brings the Turbo four-cylinder 85 kW / 115 HP. The emissions of carbon dioxide are 119 g / km.

All energy engines follow the (Downsizing) principle, to replace engine with turbo charging and to achieve further benefits of consumption with internal engine measures such as the gasoline direct injection. A start-stop automatic, and the recovery of kinetic energy (recuperation) are added for the new model year.

With some retouching on optics, particularly at the front end of the new born differs from the previous. The equipment brings significant changes along with the new engines. In General: all trim levels at the same prices clearly gained. In addition, driver assistance systems such as warning before the unintentional leaving of the lane and the high-beam Assistant are introduced.

Specifications Data of Renault Megane dCi 130 m² of eco start stop (5-door)

Length x width x height (m): 4.30 x 1.81 x 1.47

Engine: Four cylinder, diesel, 1598 cc

Power: 96 kW / 130 HP at 4000 RPM

Maximum torque: 320 at 1750 RPM

Consumption (according to EU standard): 4.0 liter

CO2 emissions: 104 g / km (Euro 5)

Maximum speed: 200 km/h

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 9.8 seconds

Empty weight/payload: min. 1395 kg / 464 kg

Trunk volume: 405 to 1162 L

Maximum towing capacity: 1300 kg

Wheels / tires: 6.5 J x 16/205/55 R 16 H

Turning circle: 10,95 m

Base price: EUR 23 250


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