Bentley Continental Supersports VS Ferrari FF

Bentley Continental Supersports-Ferrari FF-rear picture

Bentley Continental Supersports-Ferrari FF-rear picture

Bentley Continental Supersports wheel drive, rear hatch and V12 competes against the Ferrari FF. Who is the bigger alpha male? The comparison test will tell. Let’s talk about the trunk of  Ferrari FF and Bentley Continental Supersports.That’s right, the place of sports cars, on the other one does not like, because cars have a large luggage compartment, usually as dynamic as Birkenstock sandals.

Antipodes as may in their minds now appear like a Ferrari 458 and a Renault Kangoo or Bentley Continental Supersports . Now, however, the Scuderia has decided to build the Ferrari FF to a model whose point of differentiation is not least the so maligned rear compartment: Strictly speaking, the Ferrari FF plays the combination under the super athletes. He waves a large tailgate and shows off individually foldable rear seats, 450 liter volume basis and an opulent middle gear box in the luggage compartment. This Macke he does because he pretends to be happy but the Swiss Army knife in Cavallino-rampante fleet, but of course do not want to give up his seven-speed transaxle dual-clutch gearbox (Getrag-based).
The Ferrari FF has more space

Ferrari FF-wheel picture
The mighty V12 engine crouches on the other hand deep down in the front compartment of the Ferrari FF – about the only similarity that divides the 4.91-meter yacht with its Italo-unloved predecessor Scaglietti. And where in Maranello at it was to build the first truly practical Ferrari, this one still got the same highly innovative all-wheel drive implanted. Has Northern Italian pride So until recently, the garage space solvent customers still friendly Germanophile alongside England’s honor, a Bentley Continental Supersports lined up – one for St. Moritz, the other for the north loop – so are there suddenly competitors.

Ferrari FF-engine view

In the case of the Bentley Continental Supersports but one who acts with its 370-liter luggage compartment and a narrow hatch in the pragmatic transport struggle for the usual luxury ensemble of golf bags and Louis Vuitton luggage armada as spacious as a dressing room next to a factory building loft.

Bentley Continental Supersports-rear interior photo

In the back seat of the noble Ferrari FF traveling and strolling are not only much more reliable than in the sterling-stitching constriction of the Bentley Continental Supersports, but also sporty and comfortable. This chapter deserves a fat victory, ferrari red cross in the calendar, as if Fernando Alonso just a Spanish champion in the euro-pallets-stacking has become.

Ferrari FF-rear interior

The Ferrari FF is which means in the interior of a 98 percent satisfaction with the process. It smells delicious, leathery, and impressed even the outrageously expensive carbon. But by the perfection and solidity of a Bentley Continental Supersports with its massive bullseye Luftauströmern teesiebfeinen and the gap dimensions, it is still as far away as the Emilia Romagna region of Crewe. Sometimes it still creaks in the Ferrari FF-beams.

Ferrari FF shines with extreme lateral dynamics

Ferrari FF-dasboard picture
Suggestions on short gestures that adaptive chassis of the Ferrari FF frantic, fiery, very Italian, while the low irons Bentley Continental Supersports simply because of its already immense and 2.4 tonnes, despite his streamlined ripples like the Queen Mary every swell. But he heaves moving to longer wavelengths as the perfect fit damped Ferrari FF. In the fast corners everyone understands, who knows the mountain roads around Maranello.

Meekness is not only the comfort but is a component of a 1.9-ton truck almost incredible lateral dynamics, which is based on balance. How does the Ferrari? The Ferrari FF with 1.95 meters wide as a truck on the road, what it together with the lower center of gravity and the 25 more inches of wheelbase architecturally already moving forward. From 388 pounds less body fat not only to talk.

If you open the hood of Bentley Continental Supersports, so in an unusually wide angle between the cylinder ends of 65 degree-working 6.3-liter V12 in the place behind the front axle, where the W12 twin-turbo (72 degree bank angle) of the Bentley Continental Supersports still a whole six-pack cylinder in front of him. Only the Ferrari FF is a pure front mid-engine car with a slightly rear-heavy weight of emphasis, even though at the front still tinkers a mechanically self-contained two-speed dual-clutch gearbox. It assists in the first four gears together with the Ferrari’s F1-Trac grip control and the electronically controlled rear differential (E-Diff), the traction – on all four wheels individually. This mechanical masterpiece gives the Ferrari FF on public streets and even on snow incredible neutrality.

Bentley Continental Supersports knows no hassle

Bentley Continental Supersports-picture
With the much more direct than the Bentley Continental Supersports translated steering makes the Ferrari FF Centrifuge like a slot car through corners. The pilot is flooded with endorphins. Unfortunately, the four-seater comes down from this trip never completely. Even during quiet passages – it is supposed to be in Ferrari as well – the super-stable ceramic brake behaving snappy, and the hyper-active hydraulic steering of the Ferrari FF denied the clean dash curve. Italo-just a greedy horse – even with the trunk.

Bentley Continental Supersports-instrument view

The Bentley Continental Supersports is calm spreads out his wings, by turns gentle delayed a bit more deliberate and distributes its power through a mechanical self-locking Torsen differential. At the same time he will vote with the finest quality of its hydraulic steering around the circular. Understeer? Sure, sometimes powerful – but later than expected. The handling of fire simmering over medium heat. But it will not enjoy hot Bentley Continental Supersports drivers sooner.

Bentley Continental Supersports-dasboard picture

Bentley Continental Supersports-console picture

Bentley Continental Supersports-Cockpit view

Bentley Continental Supersports is straight must ignite the rocket. Awesome muffled rumbling and subtle with the turbo lag snorting Bentley Continental Supersports virtue of its 630 hp and 800 Nm on the road. Against the power of the 660-hp Ferrari he is still a chance. Not only that fundamentally advanced the Ferrari V12 sucker FF with a song and completely euphoric combustion smoother and permanent address luck tingle down the spine, it is also 2.9 seconds quicker from zero to 200th With what joy he gargles it fuel, the fuel gauge shows: 20.8 litres/100 km, about two liters more than the Bentley Continental Supersports despite start stop. But who discussed above, can not always afford the two.

Let’s t isalk about the character: they are rich, and need space in the fire of life? Take the Ferrari FF. You have no hassle necessary? Then the Bentley Continental Supersports.

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