Hyundai Blue2 Concept Specs and Previews

Blue2 is the name of Hyundai’s Eco-label “Blue Drive” and the chemical name of the hydrogen molecule, H2. The unit fuel cell electric Blue2 provides 90 kW (122 hp). Consumption should be about 2.9 liters of hydrogen per 100 kilometers. The wheels are made of alloy wheels and tires reduce rolling resistance and are aerodynamically optimized according to Hyundai.

The future look at the body style dynamically, especially the LED screens in the front and rear. In each case, the vehicle displays the name displayed. The Blue2 also has a system that recognizes the driver – the doors open automatically. Since there is no mirror, his work takes the cameras on the sides and roof.

The seats are plant leaves – the key word “eco-sense” -.. Inspired, according to Hyundai and designed so that the easy entry and exit of an ionizer to freshen the air inside the instrument driver and scope of information and entertainment system in the middle of the dashboard form an optical drive. Job advertisements in the so-called Toledo. This is synonymous with transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode. all covered with a special glass scratch resistant. The infotainment system is controlled using a technique called “motion sensor Moustick. It consists of a sphere, which is sensitive to touch and gestures of the user’s hand.


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