Renault Twizy- A lightweight car with electric power

Ten percent of Renault’s sales in 2020 will be electric cars. An ambitious goal, as yet, no single model on the market. But even 2011 launch the first e-Mobile French rhombus, and the beginning of 2012 comes the Twizy, the smallest and most unusual vehicle in the series.
Lamborghini-style doors
The Twizy is a four-wheel, semi-open vehicle with two seats. There is a roof with integrated front and roof windows, but no side panels. Optionally, you can order doors that open in the Lambo-style scissor-like close up and at least the lower half of the pages. One should stay dry while riding in the rain. At the traffic lights, however, especially in crosswinds, you get wet.
About 40 centimeters shorter than a Smart
With 2.32 meters of Twizy is about 40 centimeters shorter than a Smart Fortwo. Parking is a breeze, especially for the optional rear parking beepers. The two occupants sit one behind the other, you can front and rear seatbelt usage and there is even a driver’s front airbag. Luggage is stored in compartments on the dashboard and behind the passenger seat. As accessories, there is a sort of backpack with 50 liters capacity, which can be found on the passenger seat. With the weekly shopping for the whole family but it is also so difficult, at least if this includes a beverage crate.


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